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Dawn Stewart-Lookkin

Dawn Stewart-Lookkin, who sings in the alto section, is probably the youngest current member of the chorus. Her heritage is Chinese Trinidadian and Scottish American.

Dawn joined the Labor Chorus about a year ago, after she heard chorus member Pat Logan mention the chorus on WBAI, a listener-supported community radio station in New York.  She looked at the Labor Chorus website, hesitated at first because she was not a union member, but finally went to an audition.

Dawn has sung in various choirs since age 11, when her mother noticed her interest and encouraged her to audition and join the Children's Aid Society Chorus (now known as the Young People's Chorus of New York). She sang in groups all throughout high school and college. She also sings the Handel's Messiah with the Volunteer Choir each year at her church, The Community Church of New York.

Singing enabled her to travel to many places, including Prague, Vienna, Italy and France. As a Congress-Bundestag Exchange Scholar, she studied in Germany for one year between high school and college, and then, while in college, spent her junior year in Japan.

At Smith College ('05), Dawn studied Studio Art (print-making and sculpture) and Women's Studies (focusing on women of color). She is currently exploring mediums in textiles, with a strong interest in functional art. As an apprentice with Bread & Puppet Theater in Vermont this past summer, she participated in   subversive, anti-capitalism, anti-war theater/art making  and communal living.

She just started as a Donor Relations Associate at a non- profit, The Smile Train. Dawn is also a member of the volunteer Activist Council at Planned Parenthood, with a focus on reproductive rights and comprehensive sex education.

Asked how she feels about being the youngest member of the Chorus, Dawn said that, after a year as a member, she knows more people, and finds that people in the Labor Chorus are "more opinionated, spirited, involved and lively than many young people I know."

Dawn is happy and proud now to be part of a politically progressive musical organization, and has found it very exciting to sing in places such as the United Nations and the British Embassy.   "I think the songs in different languages are great. I especially like the labor and international labor songs. I look forward to performing  more gospel music in the coming year."