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Monday Nov. 19th rehearsal

For Monday, please bring all repertoire from our November 10th Concert and ADD “Life on Earth So Amazing” and “Simple Song of Freedom”.

Performance - UFT nurses - Fri. 11/16

Download performance notice here



3) Friday, November 16th: Memorial Service at 1199 Penthouse

*Address is ‪330 West 42nd St.‬ between 8th and 9th Ave. in the Penthouse.
*Arrive at 5:30 pm; we will sing our 2 songs at the beginning of the event around 6:00 pm.
*Attire: Red Shirt, Black Pants, Black shoes, and union hats

Bread & Roses
Ode to Workers


Sopranos: Gwen D., Shelly J.,  Kelly W., Judy, K., Ann G., Barbara B.

Altos: Karin Hoenig, Hanny V.,  Sue P., Lucy Z., Denise J.

Tenors: Stephen T., Keith K., Jesse K., Bob H.

Basses: Eugene H., Eugene N., Jeff V., Tom K., Richard Z., Jonah W.

4) Monday, December 3rd: MetLife Concert

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
~Jana :)


Please contact your section leader if you are in need of music. New members, please be patient!

Please see the information on the right, below, about upcoming events



The May 5th concert recording is now available for download. Click here to download a ZIP file, which your computer should be able to turn into music files.
NOTE: this is a VERY large file; the download may take several minutes.
**NOTE: We do not have copyright permission to publish or share many of these pieces.**


Audio files:

Click on your part to download the mp3 file.
DOWNLOADING: to keep a recording, click on the link; you should be asked whether to save. If you choose SAVE, the MP3 or MP4 or WAV file will then be in your default Download folder. (In Firefox, just click on the link, then do a SAVE PAGE while the song plays)

We were there Soprano | Alto & Bass | Tenor
Make them hear you Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass
Glory Soprano 1&2 | Alto | Tenor | Bass

Please remember to contact your section leader if you do not have the repertoire. The section leader will contact the librarian ( so that you have copies for rehearsal!

If you are missing any of the songs listed each week, please contact your section leader. Section Leaders, please contact Jesse at if you need copies of any of the songs!!!

Rehearsal files: (See "DOWNLOADING" below for how to save these files)

Three Five O: Rhythm (all)/ Soprano / Alto / Tenor / Bass
Ain't You Got a right: Soprano/ Alto/ Tenor/ Bass
Life on Earth: Soprano / Alto / Tenor / Bass
How can I keep from singing: Soprano / Alto / Tenor / Bass
To My Old Brown Earth: Soprano1/ Soprano2 & Alto1 /Alto2 / Tenor / Bass
Song of Peace: Soprano1 / Soprano 2 / Alto / Tenor / Bass
Give me your tired: Soprano1 / Soprano 2 / Alto / Tenor / Bass
If you can walk: Soprano / Alto / Tenor / Bass
Tina Sizwe Alto file
We Are the Champions: Soprano1 / Soprano2 / Alto / Tenor / Bass


See the "Performance schedule" in the right panel

NEW: Member rules (download here)

View the slide show from our Nov. 2016 concert! Download
... and here are some pictures from the concert

Remembering Henry Foner, a friend of the chorus:
obituary here

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Download the 2018-19 rehearsal schedule here.

Sheet music you can download & print

How can we keep from singing (chorus version)
To My Old Brown Earth
Make them hear you
We were there

Words for Simple Song of Freedom are here
New words for Which Side Are You On are here.
New verse for This Land is Your Land is here.

RECORDINGS from the MLK Day event at Dennis's church in 2017...

Note: clicking on these will take you off this page

Stand up for workers
Do you hear the people sing
Ain't you got a right
Simple song of freedom
Song of Peace

Thanks to Elliot Greene for the videos!

PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE - Please note these dates; details will be announced as we get closer to each date.

Fri. Nov. 16th (morning): UFT nurses' conference
Fri. Nov. 16th: memorial at 1199 (small group)
Mon. Dec. 3rd: Met Life concert


Events of interest:

Videos of earlier chorus performances (Christmas at MetLife):

Something Inside So Strong
Do You Hear the People Sing?
We Are the Champions

(These probably can't be made public because of copyrights, but you can share them privately. Right-click on the link and choose "copy link location." Then paste the resulting URL into an email to your friend)

Section Leaders

Soprano 1
Soprano 2
Alto 1
Alto 2
Georgia Wever
Judy Kleinberg
Susan Zugaib
Lucy Rubin
Brent Kramer
Eugene Hamond
Librarian: Jesse Kasowitz,