New York City Labor Chorus
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FIRST REHEARSAL will be Monday, Sept. 8th

PLEASE start practicing these pieces... SEE "Sound files" below.

ALSO here are the sheet music for My Old Brown Earth and Gonna Take Us All, the revised words to How Can I Keep from Singing, PLUS a recording of Gonna Take Us All by the late (great) Jon Fromer.


See the "dates to hold in the right panel"

NEW: Minutes of the July Repertoire (ACC) committee, planning for Nov. 15th, here.
Financial statement for 2013 here.
Minutes from the December Board meeting are here.
Minutes from the January Board meeting are here.

Contributions: the front page of our site now has a DONATE button (lower left). You can direct friends, family, & other supporters there.

Sound files: (if the piece plays by itself, look in the menu for something like "save as"; this will let you keep the file)


How Can I Keep from Singing parts: Soprano part //Alto part // Tenor part // Bass part

To My Old Brown Earth parts: Soprano 1 part // Soprano 2 & Alto 1 part // Alto 2 part // Tenor part // Bass part

SONG OF PEACE parts: Soprano 1 part // Soprano 2 part // Alto part // Tenor part // Bass part


FOLLOW THE DRINKIN' GOURD parts: Soprano part // Alto part // Tenor part // Bass 1 part // Bass 2 part


GIVE ME YOUR TIRED YOUR POOR parts: Soprano 1 part // Soprano 2 part // Alto part // Tenor part // Bass part

"Deportees" parts: Soprano and tenor part // Alto and bass part

"If You Can Walk You Can Dance" parts*: Soprano part // Alto part // Tenor part // Bass part

"Stand Up for Workers" parts*: Soprano part// Alto part// Tenor part// Bass part

DOWNLOADING: to keep a recording, click on the link; you should be asked whether to save. If you choose SAVE, the MP3 or WAV file will then be in your default Download folder. (In Firefox, just click on the link, then do a SAVE PAGE while the song plays)

PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE - Please note these dates; details will be announced as we get closer to each date.

and to look even farther ahead...
November 15th Big Performance
December 8th (MetLife)

If you are missing any of the repertoire listed each week, please email or call your section leader ASAP. Your section leader will then forward this information to the NYCLC librarian. See your section leader at the rehearsal for the copies.

Please do not pick up music if you did not contact your section leader.

Section Leaders

Soprano 1
Soprano 2
Alto 1
Alto 2
Betty Ralston
Judy Kleinberg
Susan Zugaib
Sara Belcher-Barnes
Brent Kramer
Eugene Hamond
If you cannot reach your section leader to let them know about missing music, then you may contact the librarian, Judy Lacoff, directly, at